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A Blog Tour! and chance to win…

A Blog Tour!

Did you know that there are dedicated men and women who LOVE reading and provide thoughtful reviews as well as ideas for new inspirational fiction books to read?

One of my books has the privilege of being featured on…not one…but nine

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Encouragement in Strange Places

You just never know how you’ll get a nudge from God. Most people don’t think they see evidence for God’s work because they aren’t looking for it. Those that do look for it see it everywhere. But even then, it’s an acquired habit that begins with faith and a decision to look for his fingerprints.

However, sometimes it happens when you least expect it . . . and how you least expect it.

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Follow up on a French Adventure

Follow up on a French Adventure

How about inspirational fiction that takes you places?

Last month I wrote about my trip to France in May. Now that I’m back, I’ll give you some highlights, share a few photos, and pull back the curtain on some places you’ll find in Prodigals in Provence, which takes place in the Luberon region of

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What About the Prodigal?

What About the Prodigal?

Do you know anyone who you’d call a prodigal? Someone who used to be filled with the light and power of Christ, but has somehow, somewhere along the way, lost the fire, lost their first love?

This could happen for any number of reasons: negligence, the attraction of the world, lack of understanding. Very often, however,

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Three Weeks to Go

As I type I am still in my American home, but my mind is far away. In three weeks I will leave for France for my second annual trip since moving back Stateside nearly five years ago.

I talked about this trip in my last post. Now the time is even closer and I’m not sure I’m ready! For one thing,

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Next Steps . . . On the Move in France

Over a year ago I talked to you about a novel I wrote that takes place in Provence, France. You might wonder, what happened to that book? It is called Prodigals in Provence and is the story of Bree Sorenson, who leads tours to Provence with her friend Lauren, and Travis Jeffries, wounded ex-missionary turned travel documentary star.

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It’s Here! A New Book for You!

Hello, Friends

The last time I wrote to you I made a big announcement: the unveiling of my first self-published book, One December. You had an opportunity to read Chapter One (Did you do it? I sure hope you did!) but the full book was not available yet.

Well, NOW it is! The paperback was not difficult to produce, but the e-book version took a few more days. Finally it, too, is ready to read from cover to cover. There is a special introductory price of $4.99 right now for the electronic version. Read it on your Kindle or phone or tablet.

I hope you enjoy One December, the story of Nikki and Mike. Not only has this story been on my heart for many years, but much of it takes place in my favorite city, Paris.

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Welcome to the New Kyle Hunter Adventure!

Hello, friends. I have exciting news to share with you! You who have subscribed to my posts will be the first to visit my new, completely redesigned website. Have a look around and learn about the new direction I am taking with my inspirational fiction. I’m very excited to launch my first book in the Love on the Move collection, One December. I hope you’ll visit my site and read the first chapter for free. It is a story that has been on my heart for many years and I can’t wait to share it with you!

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Get Ready for Something New

” For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19.

God’s promises made to Israel in this passage illustrates his continuous activity in history. God’s promise was made over 7 centuries ago, yet we still celebrate His most magnificent promise. In a few days we will celebrate Christmas, this amazing event that sometimes, quite honestly, we get very accustomed to. So much so that it’s easy to overlook.

Christ is indeed “something new”, yet what God prepared for centuries. My prayer for each of us is that he will always be new to us each morning, and that at Christmas especially the stunning miracle of his birth and arrival will continue to amaze us and fill our hearts with joy.

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Waiting for Lightening

Have a seat and get some coffee. I haven’t seen you in a while!

I guess I was waiting for lightening to strike, as I pondered what I should tell you. Lightening did strike, in a way. I don’t want to overstate it, though. I just made some decisions.

Let’s go back a bit and I’ll catch you up. I’ve wanted to be a fiction-writer since the age of 10. I started writing at the age of 11,  but at age 18 I began a season of feeling inadequate and didn’t write for 2 decades (sadly, you read that right.)

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Hurt People Heal People

The other day I was thinking about a good friend who has a lifelong health issue. As someone who is talented, intelligent, and likeable, he might have ended up arrogant, in which case we would not have become friends! But the “thorn” he carries around day by day has made him a good listener, sensitive, someone who knows how to value others. A good friend.

They say that hurt people hurt people. A hurt person might easily hurt someone else as an expression of his brokenness, not necessarily because he is a terrible person. Knowing he has been hurt doesn’t help much, if he has hurt us or someone we care about. I’ve found that it does help to soften my view of him and possibly lead me to forgiveness.

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Just Do the Next Thing…

I’m at that point again. Well, I get to that point often, I hate to admit. The point I’m talking about is when the details of what I need to do swirl around me like a meteor shower, with its corresponding lack of visibility. Not that I’ve been in one. But it seems like one.

So before my blood pressure and anxiety begin to rise, I frantically reach for the steno pad I always have on my desk. I think, I have to make a list. What’s my priority?

When I want to improve in fiction and I know there are a dozen tasks I could do toward this goal— read a book on craft, get a novel from the library and study it, work on my own writing, study editing, work on description, etc. I could benefit from all of these, but what to do first?

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