A new series is just around the corner, so stay tuned!

I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season and the joy, family time, and busyness that brings. I enjoy decorating, baking, and inviting friends. But it can be tiring to do all that! Which makes it even more important to remember God’s Good Gift to us, Jesus, who is the one that changed everything in history and in our lives.

That’s one of the meanings behind the title of my new book, Good Gifts, which will be available soon. I hope you’re eager and excited for this first book of a brand-new series in a town you don’t know yet, Brenner Falls. (Don’t look for it on a map or make a reservation to go! It lives in my imagination! But the building in this photo could actually exist there.)


The Lowdown on Brenner Falls

Brenner Falls is the location of the new series, the Brenner Falls Series. Brenner Falls is a mid-size town in the Susquehanna River Valley of Pennsylvania. Discovered in the 18th century, it didn’t really land on a map until 100 years later when Josiah Brenner discovered the river and falls nearby, creating a settlement on its banks.

A formerly sleepy small town, Brenner Falls is growing little by little as tourists visit for watersports or lush hilly landscapes and a peaceful setting. Big cities like Philadelphia and Reading aren’t but a few hours’ drive, so residents may come for the weekend or have second homes in Brenner Falls.

People come to Brenner Falls for other reasons too. Some of the books you’ll read in the future will tell their stories as well as those of people who’ve spent their lives in this town. They come back, they’ve never left, or they seek a new beginning.

In Brenner Falls, there’s a dynamic mayor who wants to see the town thrive and grow, but not lose its traditional turn-of-the-century charm. You see that charm in the downtown area, where some Victorian buildings still dominate street corners. One such building is the Brenner Falls City Hall and another one is Seasons Dinner Theater, which you’ll read all about in Good Gifts.

Good Gifts … Coming Soon

As I mentioned, the first book in the Brenner Falls series is called Good Gifts. You’ll see why when you read the book. The story begins in the fall and moves into the Christmas season. Nathan Chisholm receives an inheritance he doesn’t want. Leah Albright has a life she doesn’t want but isn’t sure there’s anything better for her. They’re both in for big surprises as they discover what they DO want from their lives, from love, and from their relationships with God.

Are you intrigued yet? It’s a fun, seasonal book that’ll get you ready for the holidays and the New Year. But it’s more than that. You’ll get to know the town of Brenner Falls and its residents (many more besides Nathan and Leah) so you’ll feel like you’re making a bunch of new friends!

Stay tuned for the launch of Good Gifts. It won’t be long! Hopefully, just in time for Christmas!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the season, stay healthy, and remember all the good gifts that surround us all the time. We have a lot to be thankful for!

Merry Christmas! And stay tuned for Good Gifts.