Hello! By this time, we’ve seen the back of summer and are facing the new season, with all the mix of festivities and temperature changes. Let’s reframe this: fall gives you additional indoor time to read, and winter even more!

Lines and Spaces

A few months ago, God impressed me with the idea of lines and spaces in my life.
There are times when I’m juggling too many balls, and wearing too many hats. Excuse the clichés, but I’m sure you can (at least sometimes) relate! One of the problems I was having was not making clear lines around each task I did. I’d get into something, spend too much time on it, and not have enough time for another important priority. I might bemoan not having enough time for a task but realized I hadn’t set a deadline on the previous one. Setting a time limit on one task (after putting it on the calendar) nudged me to the following one. It takes a bit of practice and discipline.

Then there are the spaces. Being too task-oriented, whether it’s domestic and family tasks, work, or creative goals, any of these can yank our attention from one thing to the next with almost no mental breathing space. It can stunt our creativity as well as our peace. Going through a whole day like that can push me out of touch with God too until the day reaches its end and I feel far away. I’d been running on my own hamster wheel without taking a pause to walk with him. And follow where he was trying to lead me.
Creating deliberate spaces in my day helps me remember that I’m following him, I’m not running that race by myself. I heard a song, maybe you’ve heard it too. The chorus urges us: Maybe it’s time to pause; stand still in Your presence.* (See musician and link below) That inspired me, and I went around singing it for days. Until the hamster wheel caught me again . . .

Sometimes I simply give myself a verbal reminder: Lines and spaces. Don’t forget. It helps keep me on track with tasks and in his lane as I go through the day.

“All day long I put my hope in you.” (Not just at the start or end of the day with pure craziness in between!) Psalm 25:5

Brenner Falls

I’m diving into the new series in a place called Brenner Falls. My idea for a Christmas novella has morphed into a full-blown novel with a Christmas theme (among others), which will introduce the new series, the new town, and a new cast of characters. I hope to finish by Christmas, but won’t rush it through, so I’ll do my best. (And my best may delay things, but we’ll see!)

So, if you didn’t hear the news, my books are now also available directly from me (eBooks). Check out your favorite book on the website. Along with the normal options, you’ll find a Buy Direct from Author button. Or you can simply head over to the store at http://payhip.com/KyleHunterBooks.
Buying direct from me enables you to get deals, use coupons, and help me as an author. It’s one way you can buy without a middleman (who gets their cut!)

Lastly, the final book in the Second Chance series, Eden Redefined, will be on sale all the month of November for 25% off. (Though if you are a subscriber to this newsletter and get your copy before the end of October, you can get it or any other book for 50% off from my author store.)

I wish you a festive, fabulous, and fun fall! Hope you’ll get some books to curl up with on those leafy, cool days as well as the snowy ones.


*Song by Alexander Pappas. He visited my church for a youth event about a month ago. I was struggling with something that day. He sang this song at the end of the service, and it hit me just right. (I like this musician!) I hope it blesses you!