Are you glad to see 2021 go away?

(And didn’t we feel the same way after 2020?) This time we might be less optimistic as we transition to a new calendar year. After all, we had high hopes last year that Covid would be a thing of the past but here we find ourselves in the midst of a new variant. One day this post will be history, evidence of a scary time in our lives, only a bad memory. We’ll all say, “I’m glad that’s over!” But not yet.

So, how do we face the coming year? With enthusiasm about what you’ll accomplish or be able to do or what’s going to change? Another blank slate (albeit with quite a bit of baggage included?) Or are you hunkering down for another difficult year with masks and isolation? Are you still clutching memories of week-old holiday cheer by your fingernails? Maybe the holidays weren’t that cheerful because you, your friends, or someone in your family had Covid.

The New Year gives us a fresh start in a real way, though it’s activated by a deliberate attitude

The New Year gives us a fresh start in a real way, though it’s activated by deliberate attitude. Our lives might not look very different between December 31 and January 1, but we can always decide it’s a new opportunity. And here are a few thoughts I hope will encourage you on the cusp of this new adventure called 2022 (and more ideas below to jump-start your optimism.)

  1. We know God has gone before us into 2022. He’s covered the whole thing already before we even get there. He is the One who was, who is, and who is to come. That includes next year.
  1. God tells us 350 times in Scripture “Don’t be afraid.” Fear is an enemy we must unmask, confront, and kick to the curb. Jesus told his disciples, “Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?” Mark 4:40. Ouch. No faith? Is that why fear comes rushing in? Fear and faith don’t coexist, according to Jesus. (Don’t blame me, he said it. But I tend to agree in my head. Got to get the heart to fully join in.)
  1. Not fearing doesn’t mean we won’t have to struggle at least once in a while. That’s pretty much a guarantee. But again, words from Jesus, “Here on earth, you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” John 16:33. And his promise, “The peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” John 14:27.

Here are some questions to ponder as we walk with confidence into the New Year

What am I most looking forward to seeing God do in me?

What can I trust him with this year that I had trouble with in 2021?

What are two personal changes I’d like to work on?

What creative outlet would I like to try? (Or improve or go back to)

What practical projects do I want to accomplish next year? (House, business, organizing, purging, etc.)

What annoying bad habits do I want to work on this year?

If I can travel, where do I want to go? When should I go and when will I plan this?

What changes can I make in myself that my family or friends will benefit from?

How will 2022 push me forward in my most cherished desires?

I hope you’ll feel free to share one of these with our community in the comments if you like. I have an answer for all of the above for my own life. (I’d better get busy!) I’ll be sure to tell you some of them in my next newsletter. (Promise!)

Speaking of my next newsletter which I’ll be sending out earlier than usual because of a special event (January 4th Stay tuned!) to promote, not just mine, but a whole slew of inspirational books by talented authors. Then as the year progresses, watch out for promos and highlights from time to time in your subscribers-only newsletter.

I wish you a heartfelt blessed 2022, that it will stand out in memorable, God-honoring, and can’t-help-but-giggle joyful and surprising ways.

You are in good hands. He was, he is, and he is to come. That includes 2022.