Journeys Marked by Love and Change

Welcome to my world and the new friends you’ll make through each of my inspirational novels of contemporary romance and women’s fiction. You’ll meet realistic characters you can relate to. You’ll see them face challenges and opportunities, find love and grow in faith. (Sometimes there’s suspense, too.) They struggle and grow (and often travel somewhere), take leaps of faith (and occasionally hit the wall.) But they definitely don’t remain the same.

I hope you’ll take a journey with them, enjoying how their lives unfold through their decisions and all the unexpected things that can happen as well as how God can faithfully use it all.

And now you can read my non-fiction book, Mental Habits for Believers: 28 Days to New Thought Patterns, which will challenge your daily thinking and relationship with God.

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About Kyle


 Welcome to my corner!

I’ve wanted to be a fiction writer since the age of ten. So, in a very non-linear fashion, here I am (sooo many years later!) with books I hope you will love! A lot of my characters travel to other places. All of them learn . . . learn about God, about themselves, and are changed. That’s really what I want for myself, too!

I used to live in France and I love all things French. That’s why several of my books are tightly tied to the country and culture of France. Part of my book, One December, takes place in Paris, where I lived for over a decade. My other books will take you to other cities and countries, and some take place here in the U.S. I write non-fiction as well to encourage believers in their earth journey.

Another type of non-fiction I write is for France travel and language books under the pen name K. B. Oliver.  Magical Paris: Over 100 Things to Do Across Paris is the easy-to-read travel book that covers the whole city of Paris . . . not just a few neighborhoods, like most travel books. Another book is A French Garden: The Loire Valley, full of ideas you won’t find anywhere else. Lastly, my book Real French for Travelers is a step-by-step method for learning travel French, including helpful vocabulary and relevant dialogues.  This book also exists as a full-length online course. You can find these resources and tons of blog posts about France on my France website,

Now I live in North Carolina, one of my other favorite places. (I also have novels that take place there!) When I am not writing or blogging, I teach French to adults. I’ve moved back and forth from the U.S. to France several times, but I’m now Stateside (with visits to France.) In my Kyle-Hunter blog posts and subscriber-only newsletters, I’ll share my reflections, photos, fiction excerpts AND promos, tales of my writing journey . . . and friendship. I hope you enjoy it, and stop in often to say hello!