Circle Back Around

Circle Back Around

“The content went much deeper than the typical sweet romance novel, delving into the heroine’s difficult relationships with family members and her struggle to save a dying family business. I was impressed by how detailed of a look we were given into the textile industry. The author also has a real gift for descriptive imagery, especially pertaining to nature. The story itself was interesting, with more suspense and intrigue than I expected.”

Hailey and her father haven’t always seen eye to eye, especially in running the failing family textile mill. Frustrated, Hailey leaves the mill and her hometown in North Carolina to start a new life near her sister in Colorado. Only months later her father calls to ask for a special favor. He needs heart surgery and asks Hailey to run the mill in his place.

Moving back would devastate Hailey’s sister, Hope. Yet Hailey would have an opportunity to possibly save the mill, and at a time when her father needs her most. And maybe he’d even approve of her for the first time in her life.

Filled with self-doubt, Hailey returns to North Carolina and struggles to make a difference at the mill, facing more challenges than she bargained for. Her attractive neighbor, Alex, is almost enough to outweigh the difficulties, but she doesn’t know that in the shadows lurks someone who wants to destroy both her and the mill.


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