Prodigals in Provence

The Provence Series takes you with Bree and Lauren, best friends and business partners, to one of the loveliest regions of France. It’s not always idyllic in the land of lavender fields and cliffside villages. Join Bree and Lauren as each woman discovers her unique journey—and surprising romance.

“I really loved this story! I found the characters to be very easy to relate to. I enjoyed learning more about them and seeing their personalities transform over the course of the book. I enjoyed reading about Bree’s struggle with her anxiety disorder. As someone who suffers from a very similar type of anxiety, I understood her and enjoyed reading about her story and transformation. I found the story to be very “real” and loved this book.”

Prodigals in Provence

The Provence Series Book # 1

Bree and Lauren own and run Le Bon Voyage, a travel company specializing in tours to charming Provence, France. Travis is a TV travel critic accustomed to crossing the globe to film documentaries and write books. But he’s been in a spiritual desert ever since losing his marriage and ministry five years earlier.

Between film projects, Travis plans to accompany his elderly mother on a tour to Provence, a long-term dream for her. Bree tries unsuccessfully to block him, sure he’s coming to spy on the struggling company for one of his exposé articles.

A diverse group of tourists arrives at the rented villa to spend the week and discover the spectacular villages, vineyards, and history of the Luberon mountain region of Provence. Amidst a series of problems and relational tensions, Bree thinks she has all she can handle . . . until she becomes attracted to Travis.

As Bree and Travis are drawn together, will their hidden wounds drive them apart?

Prodigals in Provence and A Promise in Provence are also available as a Boxset, Love in Provence. Both eBooks in one volume.

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