Eden Redefined

Book 4 in A Second Chance Series
“As in Ms. Hunter’s other novels, the story was fun, engaging, and offered spiritual insights without being preachy.  I really related to Eden’s journey and self-realizations. This book (and the others in the series) are just the right balance of escape, romance, and inspiration!”
I really enjoyed the storyline because it was something that really could happen in today’s world. I also liked the mystery that caused me to speed read towards the end. Very fun and also inspiring to read about someone who has life thrown at them but looks to God for direction.

Eden Redefined

Eden Godfrey has been a widow too long. Or so her friends tell her. For the first time, she agrees, but she has a more pressing objective. Having sold the family business, which occupied her time and attention for over a decade, she now wants to find a bigger story where she can help people in need. Romance would be secondary. Especially since her brief stint with online dating didn’t end so well . . . as she pushed away the only man with potential.

To the surprise of her friends, she decides to return to college to fulfill a long-term desire of finishing her degree. This will help her find her passion and silence the painful echoes of her past. Just as she discovers a cause worth investing in, she stumbles upon a suspicious scheme that overshadows it . . . and threatens to derail her dreams once again. 

Can she finally grasp her dreams and find someone special to share them with?


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