Sydney Rewound

In The Second Chance Series, you’ll meet Marissa, Julia, Sydney, and Eden, four college friends who, twenty-five years later, renew their friendships as they find themselves empty nesters and single again. You’ll love getting to know these women and following each one in her own book. (Book # 1 Marissa Rewritten, a Novella. Book # 2 Julia Redesigned.)

“I have read all of Kyle’s books and enjoyed each one. This particular story really touched my heart so many times in so many ways.”

Sydney Rewound

Second Chance Series Book # 3

Sydney Bennett’s life is anything but calm. She’s a high-school teacher and the single parent of a teenager. An unexpected event shakes her pressured but predictable routine. As she tries to regain her balance, she’s drawn to a secret that even her daughter doesn’t know. Nor do her three best friends.

As Sydney’s past collides with her present, she’s forced to reveal her secrets and encounters the surprising power of letting go.

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