A couple of years ago I created this web site because as an aspiring fiction-writer, I knew I needed this thing everyone is talking about…an online presence. Editors and agents wanted to know that if a book was published, there was already a space on the web to nail it up for people to see, and folks potentially interested.

That seemed like a pretty good idea, except for one chronic question, what do I put on a fiction writing web site if I haven’t published anything yet? That question nagged at me for a while, but I decided to just write (albeit infrequently, I admit). Share experiences. Stories. So up to a point, this is what you have read. But then I had a revelation. Maybe a fiction writer’s web site should contain at least some FICTION.S1032089

What a NOVEL idea! (Sorry about that, I couldn’t help myself!)

Although I have completed four novels I am still pursuing publication, but why should that stop me from writing short stories, bits, flash fiction, whatever flutters its wings and lands in my imagination? I was under the impression I had to have completed and published novels in order to put fiction on my web site.

Not true, and way too limiting.

So today I’ll unveil a brand-new direction for my web site. (You may have noticed it has a new look, though not necessarily the final choice.) In it, I will still share impressions and thoughts. But I’ll also share snippets of fictional stories. I can’t guarantee that these stories will be part of a bigger work. Most of the time they won’t. Or they may be seeds of something to be born later. But hopefully you’ll enjoy them anyway. Maybe they will take your imagination to new places you can visit, at least for a few moments.