Southern Inspiration

Here’s an inspirational place: Southport, NC, founded in 1792. I first saw Southport when I was watching a Nicolas Sparks movie entitled Safe Haven. At the time, I didn’t finish the movie, but was entranced by the location. A small coastal town that, at the risk of using a cliché, can only be called charming, with an easy pace and historical intrigue. Despite (or because of) its laid-back magnetism, several movies and television series have been filmed there. I finally had the chance to go...

Winter in Paris

Since I live in Paris, I experience all the seasons of the city. You’ve probably heard the song “April in Paris, chestnuts and blossoms, holiday tables under the trees . . .” Well, sometimes it’s like that in April and sometimes it’s not. Here they have a little rhyme which says, En mars et avril ne te decouvre pas un fil, which means in March and April you better keep your coats on! That’s pretty much true, although it has been known to be sunny and nice in the spring, (just don’t count on it during that April vacation) and cold and rainy in summer. It happens.

What about winter? Most people don’t think of coming to Paris in the winter, unless they get fantastic off-season deals or want to avoid the crowds, or have free tickets from a relative. I’ll be honest, I dislike winter in general, but forced myself to open up my eyes and my spirit to see Paris in the winter as frozen picturesque, but picturesque all the same.