Spring into Summer. . .

Kyle Hunter Fiction

Late May is a threshold, a true turning point. And it’s not just about the weather. Ask those attending graduations and weddings. Ask those finishing a grueling year of college or graduate education. (Or those escaping a tough winter…)

Each summer I have a special treat for myself. I don’t travel too much during the year, since I keep an eye out for my mom (who just turned 89!) But once a year, my indulgence is a long-ish trip to France.

If you’ve been around my site for a while, you know about this. I travel for three weeks (give or take) to France. My objective is to return to my second hometown, to see close friends I’ve known for decades, and to accumulate photography, video, and research for my travel blog, Oliver’s France, and books.

This year, I’ll spend most of my time in Provence (yes, the idyllic land of lavender fields and olive trees!) I plan toKyle Hunter Fiction research a travel book on that area and the background of a novel or novella that’ll take place in Nice. So, I’ll have my “work” cut out for me. I’ve even recruited a few friends to come along for parts of the trip. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see a few of the places where I’ll be. (Hope you’ll drop in!)


In other News…

I’m doing some little tweaks to my website at the time of this writing, which you’ll hopefully enjoy. I still love the layout, so won’t make too many changes on that just yet. (Though if you have suggestions, please let me know!) If you don’t see the tweaks yet, they’ll take a few days. They’re fresh off the Tweak Press!

The biggest change is the banner, which will provide an easy link to my author direct store. I plan to promote the store more soon (though I’ll still sell my books at all the usual places.) You’ll see it unfold, step by step! For now, it’s eBooks, but I plan to eventually have paperbacks and audiobooks on the site for all my books.


Speaking of Audiobooks

All of my novels are now available on Audible, including my new release, Embracing the Broken (Book 3 Brenner Falls Series.)

By the way, if you bought one and it has a weird triple O between the scenes, that has been fixed. (I had 3 ohs for a scene break, but didn’t realize they would be pronounced by the narrator!) Later this summer, I’ll be working on creating more audiobooks on other platforms. (I have a few books on Apple and on Google, but not the whole set.)


Do you like Box Sets?

The advantage of a box set is that you don’t have to go find the next book. You can just have a continual binge-read if you want (which is excellent for those at the beach or otherwise on vacation!)

My 3 series are available as box sets. (Love in Provence, 2 books, Second Chance Series, 4 books, and the Brenner Falls Series, books 1-3.) I do plan to write more Brenner Falls books, but I wanted to offer the first three books as a set for those who love sets! For the moment, the Brenner Falls box set is only available direct from me and on Kobo.

Stay tuned for a special newsletter on June 4 where you’ll learn about a promo with a collection of BOX SETS for you to discover! I have 2 in that promo, and there are lots more you can peruse!


When I Return

When I get back from France, I have some objectives. I’ll start the first drafts of the Provence book and the Nice novella, for two. Then, I’d like to work on my direct store for both fiction (Kyle-Hunter Books) and non-fiction (Oliver’s France.)

Along with that, I’m going back to piano (which I abandoned for 10 years…sniff) and I’m going to pursue a few health-related goals. (I don’t usually gain weight when I go to France because the restaurant food is healthier than ours and I walk a lot.) But still…

That’s all I’ll share with you for now. I’ll have some great photos by the time I return. But do stop in (or sign up) at Kyle-Hunter Instagram to see photos from my trip as I’m there!

Happy June! Happy reading! Happy transition into summer. (And get yourself some box sets!)