It’s still January, so I can still wish you a Happy New Year!

How was 2019? Maybe it was fantastic. Or maybe you’d rather forget it even happened. Mine had its share of downs as well as ups. But in the big picture, it’s all good. I’m so glad God’s in control and His timing is perfect.

In any case, we’re starting with a clean record, a clean slate, whatever your favorite cliché is. It’s clean. New. New Year. I’m excited to have a new chance to see what God will do. I guess I have that chance each day, too.

These days, I have a lot of challenges in my life helping my mom get adjusted to a new town. She’s still adapting to her retirement community and to losing a child. She’s got her share of ups and downs as well. It hasn’t been easy for her, nor for me. She’s a handful, quite honestly. (Even though it’s nice to have her nearby.) But each day, God shows me (and her) He’s enough and if I just let Him lead the way, it will go just fine.

And it does. Not always comfortably, but He gets me through the day like a rickety boat through shallow water. I arrive at the other side. He is faithful.

Goals 2020

So many people are talking about goals, posting them and about them. I make goals for myself and for my business each year. I confess, I love doing that. I’m not someone who puts it away and never looks at it. I don’t finish everything on my list, but I do some of them.

This year, as always, I have specific goals for my fiction-writing. My goal last year (and it’s continuing this year) is to move toward writing more. I have competing priorities, but if I plan carefully, I can gently nudge some of them to the back seat.

I finished my novella just before Christmas and plan to post it for free on my website as soon as it is edited and has a cover (and a title, yes, that would help.) I will, of course, send you this book if you’re already signed up to receive my newsletters. This novella is the first of four books about four college friends who, twenty-five years later, decide to have reunions twice annually. Each book is about one of the women. I’m excited to finish the first one and start on the second! I’ll keep you posted!

Aside from that, I am researching doing an audiobook. I’d like to do that for the Provence series.

Speaking of the Provence series, did you know that it is available as a 2-book box set? You can get both e-books in one volume for less than both books separately. Check out the Romance in Provence box set on Amazon or click HERE.

I wish you a fulfilling 2020, joyful, peaceful, healthy, and happy.

Feel free to drop me a note. I’d love to hear about your goals for the year, any comments you have about my books or anything that will help me get to know you!


Kyle Hunter