I was thinking today about the different ways people come to God. Some don’t come until very late, others not at all. But those who come do so in different ways.

First, there’s the limp. Life has beaten us up. We’re emptied out and bruised all over. Maybe not even sure God has noticed or cares, but we still go, limping. Our journey may be slower because of it, but that’s okay. We get there. And we get a lot of TLC along the way. Or maybe limping demands more effort than our strength can supply, so we crawl. I’ve felt like that. I’ve also crawled in the other direction at times, too hurt to look at Him.S1033639

What about a stroll? One dictionary definition says this: “to walk leisurely as inclination directs; ramble; saunter; take a walk”. Or “to wander or rove from place to place; roam”. That sounds less purposeful, but if you are strolling on the beach, you have purpose, but you’re enjoying the process . Or maybe you’re just unsure of it all, so you rove or ramble in His general direction until it gets clearer.

Then there’s the all-out run, with passion and focus. The runners sometimes make the rest of us a bit ashamed, but we’re all getting there, at one pace or another. He understands us and leads us along with a gentle touch. I am sure that most people spend seasons of life in each of these groups, and do so numerous times. The pace is less important than the objective, since He’s the prize we are seeking.