Custom Made is coming soon!

Over halfway through summer, and I wonder where it all went. Is it just me, or does it feel like it just started? I hope yours has been fun and relaxing so far. Though I know not all summers are relaxing. That’s another story!

During much of my summer (and spring) I focused on my biggest project of this year, Custom Made, the second book in the Brenner Falls Romance series. I’m nearly at the finish line and plan to launch it in August.

I’m excited to share it with you! It’s the sequel to Good Gifts, which was the story of Nathan and Leah and Seasons Dinner Theater. Their story launched the new series, but there’s much more to tell. I have two more books in my mind already!

Even though Brenner Falls is a fictitious town in Pennsylvania, I’m already getting attached to it. If you read Good Gifts, maybe you are too. In subsequent books, you’ll see people and places showing up again, giving you a sense of being there and knowing those people. At least, I hope so!

I wrestled with different titles before deciding on Custom Made. Sometimes the theme of a book reveals the obvious title, but not always right away. (The same thing happened with the title of Good Gifts.)

Custom Made is the story of Blair McCartney, an aspiring fashion designer. Her career path took a detour after college because of a surprise pregnancy. Since then, she’s struggled to support her son and still pursue her dreams. Not a simple task.

Her new next-door neighbor, Cooper Dawson, has his own goals and secrets. His protective streak clashes with Blair’s independence. After all, she runs her household single-handedly and has for years.

You’ll enjoy seeing them butt heads as well as grow on each other. For a while, anyway, until a surprise unwelcome visitor shows up.

I’ve had the idea for Blair’s character for a year or so, a single mom struggling to work, raise her son, and pursue a big dream. She intrigued me as a character since it’s hard to juggle all that at once.

I’ll let you know when the book is available. Before then, I’ll let you have a peek at the cover as an appetizer! (soon!)

So, stay tuned for a small-town single-mom romance in Brenner Falls!