Last year I knew I wanted to write an inspirational romance. I enjoy writing both romance and what49874274c7b16d458c928b4c0d4e6062 they call “women’s fiction”, a story of a woman and how she faces and grows through various challenges in her life, usually with a romantic sub-theme included. (good stuff!)

As I considered a theme for the current book, I tossed around a few different ideas.

The same year I had the wonderful opportunity to make a friend, Dawn, via Linked In. She’s a fellow Francophile, and we had many things in common. She runs a small group tour company to Provence and it sparked an idea…

My character is Bree, a somewhat neurotic perfectionist who leads tours to Provence with her best friend Lauren. The story takes place to a large extent in the Luberon Mountain area of Provence, France, a bit east of the city of Avignon. It’s gorgeous out there (I’ll have photos in future posts. The one on the home page is just the beginning, courtesy my friend Dawn.)

The book is not published at the point, but this will just give you a little taste in advance. My title is Prodigals in Provence (use your imagination!) Stay tuned!