Hello, Friends

The last time I wrote to you I made a big announcement: the unveiling of my first self-published book, One December. You had an opportunity to read Chapter One (Did you do it? I sure hope you did!) but the full book was not available yet.

Well, NOW it is! The paperback was not difficult to produce, but the e-book version took a few more days. Finally it, too, is ready to read from cover to cover. There is a special introductory price of $4.99 right now for the electronic version. Read it on your Kindle or phone or tablet.

I hope you enjoy One December, the story of Nikki and Mike. Not only has this story been on my heart for many years, but much of it takes place in my favorite city, Paris. Take a journey with Mike and Nikki and see what happened One December.

The book follows the story of Nikki and Mike from New York to Paris. It’s a story of love, growth, and a full circle that begins and ends in December. I poured my personal experience of 13 years in France into this story.

If you like the book, please leave me a review on Amazon (scroll to the bottom of the Amazon page). I’d appreciate it so much! You can get the book either on this site or directly through Amazon.

And stay tuned as Love Stays on the Move!!   Love On The Move Logo