Seems like a cliché to say that time goes fast. I’ve heard older people say that the older you get, the faster it goes. I hope that’s not true since I have a lot of things I want to do and enjoy.

The idea of age hits me once in a while when I visit my Mom, who is 84. She’s a bit slower, forgets a couple of things once in a while, but inside the same wise woman who guided and inspired me all my life. In August of this year, yes, just a month ago, she moved from Virginia to my city, Raleigh, NC and settled into a lovely retirement community that I’d chosen for her.

What led to this move is a bittersweet family drama involving my sister, Stacy. From the age of 7, Stacy was a type 1 diabetic. Though she had a somewhat normal life for most of her 60 years, during the last 4 years her health declined, and on April 3 of this year, she went to be with Jesus. Although months have gone by, my eyes still sting and fill up as I write those words. Yet, her life was ebbing away, even the simple processes becoming difficult. Finally, she left us for a truly better place with the lover of her soul.(Photo was taken after her second kidney transplant, so a few years ago.)

As my mother anticipated this sad event, she told me she’d come to Raleigh afterward, and she did. So, my life has been filled with the joy of getting her settled in and being able to see her more often. Though my life is already busy, I’m gladly tucking things into a different order to make room for this new privilege. (Despite the new focus, I was able to squeeze in a beach trip with friends for a few days, a final hurrah to summer!

So, that’s what I’ve been up to! What about you? Did the transition from summer to fall unfold neatly with anticipation for the new season? I hope so! I’m looking forward to fall weather (after a very hot summer that lasted for 5 months!)

I am still teaching French to adults and maintaining my travel site, Oliver’s France, but here is what I am working on in FICTION.

  • I’m publishing the 2 Provence books (Prodigals in Provence and A Promise in Provence) into a box-set. That means that in paper or e-B00k, you can order the whole series in one volume. Of course, single books will still be available. Look for that in about a month (or less!)
  • After my trip to Spain, I thought about writing a novella that took place there, but my brain and creativity did not cooperate with that idea, not yet anyway. But another, better idea has taken root: a 4-book series starting with a novella in Wilmington, NC. (Spain to North Carolina? What a switch!) yes, it is. But hopefully, you’ll like the results.
  • A couple more things:

For those who like eBooks but don’t use Amazon, did you know some of my books are available on Kobo? I’m working on getting all of my novels over there as well as in other places, so stay tuned. And down the road, audio!

I am also trying to post more on Facebook and also on Instagram. Feel free to post comments on the website, Facebook, or Instagram. It would be fun for me to get to know you!!

Hoping your fall is colorful, exciting and fun.

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Fall photo from Valiphotos