Summer is speeding by in a blur. Seems to take all year to get here, then it’s gone. Back to fall, then2013-11-01 14.23.28 winter. I usually feel prepared for the fall by the time it gets here, especially after many weeks of temperatures over 90. Funny how I’m always ready for the next season by the time it gets here.

Events of our lives are like that too. We worry about this or that in the future, but by the time the space closes between the Event and us, we’re ready for it. We lean on God for the outcome and find we have a reservoir of strength we didn’t realize was so sufficient. So complete. A bit from ourselves (we have a few tools and attributes, though they fall kinda short), a lot from Him.

I should remember that.  Daily. In fact, I should take just one day at a time, living in the moment, savoring what will soon be gone. The day, the season, the period of life. Right now I’m in a period of re-inventing myself. That just means that there has been a ton of transition in about two years’ time, and everything is shifting. But it’s mostly good. And exciting too, because I don’t know where I’ll be in a year. But by the time that season arrives, I’ll be ready. I will have been prepared, somehow. I’m not sure of the mysterious way all of those preparatory adjustments take place, they just do. So I can walk in peace, day to day, savoring the gorgeous moments, courageously facing the ones that are less so.

There’s enough grace available for both.