Over a year ago I talked to you about a novel I wrote that takes place in Provence, France. You might wonder, what happened to that book? It is called Prodigals in Provence and is the story of Bree Sorenson, who leads tours to Provence with her friend Lauren, and Travis Jeffries, wounded ex-missionary turned travel documentary star.

When I finished writing the book I was still trying to publish it traditionally. You might guess, this could have taken years (and years!) to reach the reading public. But since I have decided to self-publish under the emblem of “Love on the Move”, I have more control over the fate of these stories!

You have already seen One December, my first venture. I began writing that while I still lived in France. I was saturated with French culture each day, and those impressions found their way into the book. I hope you’ve been able to read the preview and perhaps get the book so you can enjoy the whole story.

My current book project will be Prodigals in Provence, so stay tuned in early May of this year. And something else is happening in May. I’ll be visiting Provence myself to do research on a few projects. One of these will be a sequel to Prodigals in Provence, a story about Bree’s friend, Lauren.

At the end of Prodigals, Lauren’s life is in mid-air. The next book will follow her experiences as she returns to Provence. That’s all I will tell you for now!

Montmartre, Paris

In the meantime, you can follow my travels in France on Oliver’s France Facebook beginning in late May.

The common theme in these books is courageous women moving forward, often overseas, to see what God has for them. They grow emotionally and spiritually, they experience cultural differences and learn more about themselves and God. (They also help you travel vicariously to France!)

I hope you will join them in their adventures!