Become: An Intriguing Word

Become: An Intriguing Word

When I lived in Paris, I used to walk regularly to a gym near my apartment. One day as I was passing a construction site, something unusual caught my eye. In the middle of the sidewalk sat a temporary street lamp which was anchored by a massive concrete block. Someone had stenciled this word in red on the block: Become. I never learned who painted this word on a block of concrete or why, but I was amused and intrigued. A few weeks later I was on a different street not too far from the first...

Staying in the Shelter

It started early in the morning. I was meditating on the lyrics of a Christian song and I teared up. When that happens, it makes my soul feel alive as I enter into what I’m reading or praying or thinking about. I know it’s touched me deeply, leaving a lasting reference.

Encouragement in Strange Places

You just never know how you’ll get a nudge from God. Most people don’t think they see evidence for God’s work because they aren’t looking for it. Those that do look for it see it everywhere. But even then, it’s an acquired habit that begins with faith and a decision to look for his fingerprints.

However, sometimes it happens when you least expect it . . . and how you least expect it.