Hello, my reading friends!                                                             Kyle’s newsletter

I hope this newsletter finds you enjoying your summer. May your weather be mild, your kids stay busy on their own, and may you have plenty of time to do what you most enjoy! That’s my summer wish for you!

My summer wish for myself has already been fulfilled in part, with my annual trip to Europe. I have been going primarily to France each year (for the last 3) for several reasons. Because I love it (very legitimate reason!), because I have friends to see in Paris and elsewhere, and a big reason, to do book research (for fiction and non-fiction) and take photos and video for my travel blog, Oliver’s France.

Last year, I went to Provence, where I did research for my current novel, A Promise in Provence (yes, it’s available now!). This year was different because for about the last 2 years I’d been discussing with my best friend the idea of going to Spain and Italy together, so this was the year! We went to Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, Florence, and Rome over a period of 2 weeks. Then, I continued on to France to take my photos and see my other friends.

Seville Spain Moorish

     Moorish architecture in Seville

So, in early June, I returned, tired but satisfied (except for a higher-than-average rainfall in Europe!) My mind is spinning with the all I saw and experienced as I wonder about the best way to turn these memories into novels. I already have the Italy story in my mind and will start writing soon. A Spain novella is in the offing, too. Those ideas are still coming together.

Aside from creative projects, I must return to real life—to teaching French, writing blogs for Oliver’s France, marketing, family stuff, house repairs. And all that. So, those things plus writing will make up the remainder of my wishes for myself this summer, which are creating and organizing. And enjoying beach days, friends, dancing lessons . . . and learning new skills, writing stories, and the not-as-fun tasks we all have.

Barcelona Gaudi Sagrada Familia

    Gaudi’s famous cathedral in Barcelona

I am excited that I was able to publish A Promise in Provence before leaving. Now, I need to get the word out! Social media and advertising are still in their infancy in my life, and frankly, I get intimidated by it all. But I am doing my best to learn and try to create a schedule. With God’s help, I can become more regular about staying in touch with y’all and promoting the stories He puts on my heart. I hope you will check out the Provence series, Prodigals in Provence and A Promise in Provence, and let me know how you like them (and their beautiful covers!)

Have a fantastic summer!


PS I haven’t yet updated my website to include A Promise in Provence yet, but I will soon!